MAROON 5 – V (2014)

Maroon 5 – V Album Download Leak (2014) FULL ALBUM LEAK

Maroon 5  V Album Leak




  1. Maps
  2. Animals
  3. It Was Always You
  4. Unkiss Me
  5. Sugar
  6. Leaving California
  7. In Your Pocket
  8. New Love
  9. Coming Back For You
  10. Feelings
  11. My Heart Is Open (feat. Gwen Stefani)
  12. Shoot Love
  13. Sex And Candy
  14. Lost Stars

Album Information

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine talks about his fifth Studio album, the secret of long-term success of his band, and life as a freshly baked husband star in an interview. By Frank Preston, Los Angeles

Adam, first of all congratulations on the wedding. How does it feel to go as a married husband through life?

Fantastic! I’m totally happy and could wait quite frankly – hardly -. I have always yearned to know the woman for life. And with Behati (Prinsloo) I met exactly the woman, with whom I want to share the rest of my life.

And the good news not tear off. These days is the fifth Studio album “V” her band “Maroon 5” on the market. At the same time You too work as TV juror in the U.S. show “The Voice”. Are you a workaholic?

(laughs) It’s A little bit. I sleep Very much little. Honestly, I have A little bit of trouble just to hang out. I need a task. I used to be just the opposite.

What do you mean?

In my twenties, I was lazy and slept through the whole day. I was a total night owl. Today, I live healthy and am Very much disciplined.

Maroon 5 is there for years. Their band members are their best friends. How important is friendship in the music business?

Very important. At least for me. You have to surround you with people who tell you the truth. You can build anything substantial, if you’ve got louder Yes-Sayers around you. This is true By the way not only for the business. Also in the private sphere, you need people who say the opinion.

What is the secret of success of Maroon 5, which gives it at least since 2002?

You need to honestly deal with you and your fans. Just the quick buck make a few cobbled together songs – that does not work.

Are you a great pop star – with an equally huge ego?

To make music, all must agree. Also in the head. You can not run through the area and think only about satisfying your ego. Then, you’re doomed from the outset to fail.

Maroon 5 by critics as elevator belt loose was ridiculed in many years. Today, you are likely to have on their side the laughs. Because the band still – exists and is better and bigger than jeh previously.

The easiest way to silence the critics, but is it to stay in the business long enough. You have to learn to adapt you to the development of the time. You and your music are irrelevant at the moment, if you drive you from your ego.

How has your life changed in the last ten years?

So much has not changed. I feel less pressure than still in my youth. I have a feeling that I have to prove all how good we really are No more.

You are still young, but consider nevertheless from time to time you, to let the music career behind him and do something different?

If you’re lucky enough to have laid down a solid career, then you can determine at some point even when you want to stop. And that is a great feeling. It gives you a freedom that is priceless.

What would you do, if it has nothing to do with music?

I was never really thinking. Many bands, now the Rolling Stones or ABBA, have have to fight long for recognition. We have earned this recognition of the fans honestly. That’s why we continue also.

How can you make it to stay on the carpet?

You prevent only then to be, if you have friends that to tell you, that you’re acting like such an asshole. I have such friends in life. And it helps me to stay on the carpet.

Will you go with “V” on tour?

Yes, next year we are planning a tour. We begin in the United States, and then also arrive in Germany.